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Udhaya Krishna Story

Ghee truly plays an essential role in Indian cooking. Culinary delicacies are incomplete without the distinct flavour and aroma of pure ghee which enhances the taste of food in an instant. UdhayaKrishna Ghee takes pride in bringing to your homes the traditional aromatic ghee with the promise of divine purity and quality.

Research shows ghee improves immunity, aids digestion and has incredible healing properties according to Ayurveda. It also contains saturated fats which is good for heart health on ideal consumption of 2-3 tablespoons of ghee everyday in diet for optimum benefits.

For beyond 3 decades, the brothers behind UdhayaKrishna Ghee, Mr. Jahanathan and Mr. Rangaraj, have been involved in the ghee industry through their humble family initiative. The duo worked tirelessly to revolutionise the business and successfully developed it from a ‘product’ into a ‘brand’ in the 90’s.

UdhayaKrishna cow Ghee is made using only the highest quality butter and carefully manufactured and packed to retain traditional taste and aroma. The brand has hence made a positive impact and is available across Tamil Nadu, through a strong distribution network.

UdhayaKrishna Ghee is also exported overseas and is available in Australia, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

The brand has the manufacturing capacity to produce 500 metric tons of pure ghee every month. Further, the best quality control policies are employed and several checks are undertaken before the product is hygienically packed and sealed, to ensure you have the freshest and finest ghee on hand to add a magical flavour to your favourite dishes.

Mr. Divahar Jahanathan, managing partner says that the ghee is processed traditionally for its unique granular formation to retain superlative taste and aroma. Backed by the expertise and experience of two generations UdhayaKrishna Ghee raises the bar by bringing you products of highest quality pure ghee.