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Udhaya Krishna Ghee enjoys a formidable market share in the middle east and South east Asian countries. Udhaya Krishna Ghee is known for its traditional flavor and excellent quality and divine purity.UKG has the manufacturing capacity of 150 to 200 metric tons of pure ghee per month. The pure ghee exports occupies 12% share of the overall sales. The company is looking forward to expand its wings into all over india.

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Purity & Authentic Flavor

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Udhaya Krishna Ghee is known for its traditional flavour and excellent quality and divine purity.


  • Apart from adding ghee while cooking, try adding a teaspoon of UdhayaKrishna ghee on top of your favourite dish like biriyani and pulao when you serve it hot to immediately experience the soul satisfying taste of pure ghee.

  • Add few tablespoons of ghee to roast or toss steamed vegetables for saladsand curries for a tasty yet healthy treat.

  • At last, don’t forget to try ghee dosas, ghee roti and delicious sweets using UdhayaKrishna pure ghee..!


  • Few ways to include Ghee in your regime

  • Spread it on toast instead of butter.

  • Melt over steamed vegetables, potatoes or rice.

  • Saute your spices in ghee and add to soups, curries & khichdi



  • One of the most Satvic ingredients that boost mind & body equilibrium. It is used in panchkarma (cleansing) therapies due to its detoxifying properties. It nourishes & soothes our cells which makes it a good anupana (carrier) for medicine and food.

  • Ghee has a higher smoke point: 485 F

  • Ghee is rich vitamin A,D,E,K2 and CLA. When sourced from grass-fed cows, ghee has vitamine K2 and is one of the highest natural source of CLA

  • Suitable for those with a dairy intolerance. Many who are lactose or casein intolerant have no issues with ghee. Ghee is also paleo friendly.

  • Ancient Ayurvedha wisdom recogonizes ghee as essential. Many herbal preparation use ghee as a carrier oil.

  • The magic of butyric acid. Ghee is rich in butyrate which supresses inflammation in the gut and other tissuse.

Udhaya Krishna

Our New Launch

Our company is identified as the most celebrated Pure Desi Ghee Manufacturer and amidst the Ex-porters of the same. The Purity & authentic flavor of the Pure Cow Ghee are the noteworthy features that have played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand in the international market. Further to add a special touch to your meal, the Pure Desi Ghee is considered ideal.



Udhaya Krishna

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